Plate Freezers

Frick Plate Freezers are manufactured with state-of-the art refrigeration technology under stringent quality control. Frick's international quality machines freeze products quicker while protecting their flavour and food value. Top and bottom surface contact ensures uniform freezing, resulting in a flat and neatly shaped package or bulk product.

Frick Plate Freezers are self-contained, compact and space-saving units. All models are equipped with a control panel & a hydraulic system. The freezers are ready to be hooked on to any existing ammonia refrigeration plant. It is, therefore, simple to expand your freezing facilities by just adding freezers to your present installation. The refrigeration unit can also be supplied as a standard package or custom built.


  • High - efficiency freezing plate
  • Energy Saving
  • Superior Frozen Products
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Durable Construction
  • Advanced hydraulic system
  • Easy Installation
  • Temperature Indicator


  • Food like shrimp, fish, squid, meat, vegetables, fruits etc. are kept in Frick Pans for uniform freezing.
  • Frick Plate Freezers are suitable for any land and marine installation.
  • Frick Plate Freezers can be used with both R-22 and R-717.