HR Policy

A policy is a predetermined course of action established as a guide towards accepted objectives and the strategies of the organization in order to assure a harmonious work force.

A vision is formulated, business processes are analyzed, and policy and procedure systems to support the vision are born. As policies and procedures are written, approved, published and implemented, the Company's vision is articulated.

Policies play a atrategic role in an organization. They are developed in light of the mission and objectives of the Company by which rules and business processes become documented and communicated to all staff.


  • Treat each employee with respect and listen to their input on how to continually improve the service goals.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action in resolving customer service issues to ensure our customers' satisfaction.
  • Have an open door policy which encourages interaction, discussions and the exchange of ideas to improve the work environment, and increase our productivity.
  • Deliver competitive, outstanding service to our customers

The Management identifies the talents and utilises it for achieving business excellence. It also helps them to identify the training needs and provide facilities in developing their knowledge and skills.Strengths and weaknesses of employees are identified thro' best performance appraisal systems.The Management isopen for new ideas, systems

Training And Development

Training and Development of employees is part of our culture at Frick India Limited. Staff members are being put through various in house as well as external training programs on an ongoing basis to enable them to take on new positions and responsibilities.

Employees are given structured training to carry out specific standard development activities.The training activities focus on the transfer of knowledge and refinement of skills needed to meet the requirements associated with the development, production and dissemination of international standards.

At Frick India Ltd. We realize that fostering continuous learning & development is of utmost importance for ensuring a pool of competent staff.Training programs have enabled the organization in availability of skilled and effective workforce which has helped the employees at Frick India Limited to achieve their personal goals along with the organization's goals.


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Frick India Ltd. Is a company with long and proud history, and we are always looking for talented, capable people who share our values and assist in the growth of Frick India Ltd.

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